Why You Should Invest In SEO in 2020?

About This Post : Why You Should Invest In SEO

This post delves into what SEO actually is, and why you should invest in SEO in 2020 to help grow your business.

Each website competes against another.

But who comes out on top is determined by several factors.

Read on to find out how you can come out on top, and how SEO will help big time.

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Invest In SEO

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It allows search engines to find out what your website is all about, and if it will be useful for it’s readers.

The only way a website will be considered to be at the top of the search engines, is through SEO.

Without it, your website will never be found!

When you type a query into your search engine of choice, you are shown a list of websites.

This list should match what you have typed into the search engine.

Let’s say you type in “How To Paint A Door”.

The results which show up should match this keyphrase exactly.

This means that those websites showing up, have SEO’d their website using these keywords / keyphrase.

So what is a Keyword / Keyphrase?

This is what drives the SEO.

Going back to our “How To Paint A Door” keyphrase:

The “Key Words” here, and PAINT and DOOR.

These 2 words are what the website owner want to be found on search engines for.

The whole sentence together, becomes the “Key Phrase“.

This phrase would have been researched, to see how many people type this exact sentence into the search engine.

By using keywords and keyphrases in your website text, it tells the search engines exactly what your website is about.

So essentially, adding different keywords and keyphrases to your website – is adding your SEO!

So Why Should I Invest In SEO?

The importance of SEO cannot be under-estimated in 2020, especially for a Small Business website.

With so many changes being made to algorithms, investing in SEO has risen dramatically.

Don’t get left behind your competition.

Read below Quillations 4 main reasons why you should invest in your SEO.

Reason 1: Investing in SEO will help get your website ranked

Search Engine Optimization is not a quick process.

Gone are the days of stuffing Keywords anywhere and everywhere.

Once you have the keywords / keyphrase you wish to be ranked for, clever placement within your text is required.

This takes time to perfect, but done correctly will start to get your website ranked.

If this isn’t done correctly, you may find search engines penalise your website.

This will have a negative effect on your business, and move you to Page 200 of Google – something you really don’t want to happen!

By investing a small amount of money on a professional to sort out your SEO, your website should rank in no-time!

How long does it take to rank?

Regardless of who sorts out your SEO, there is no difference in how long it takes a website to rank.

The average time it takes for your website to start ranking is around 6 to 12 Months.

Now this may sound like a long time, but once you are ranked for certain keywords – you should stay there.

Now I say “should”, as there is a possibility of your website being “outranked” by someone else.

By investing in a company who can monitor your keywords / keyphrases, it will mean that they can stay on top of your competition.

They will be able to see when you start to “fall down the rankings”, and re-SEO your site to keep you on top.

Website Ranking With SEO

Reason 2: Organic Search Is A Primary Source Of Traffic

Organic Search is a term used to describe when someone searches a keyword / keyphrase on their search engine, and find a website.

This all made possible by your Search Engine Optimization.

A study by BrightEdge shows Organic Searches are responsible for 53% of all website traffic!

By investing in SEO for your website, you will be able to tap in to this traffic.

And by tapping in to the Organic Search Traffic, you will help your website grow.

Reason 3: Investing In SEO Is Cheaper Than Paid For Adverts

Say you have a budget of £150.

By investing some of this money into SEO for your website, you will be able to rank within 6 to 12 Months.

But by investing this money into something like Google Ads, you can get to the top of Google quicker!

So why wouldn’t I want to do that?!” you say…

Well, it is a quick fix solution for short-term gain.

Let’s say you pay £5.00 to rank for the keyphrase “Dog Products”.

And you budget £50.00 per day, meaning your advert will show 10 times.

This means that every time someone clicks on your advert, you are charged £5.00.

Once your £50 budget for the day has gone, your advert will not show again until the next day.

Ultimately, you will have your advert shown 10 times a day for 3 days.

Now, let’s break down who clicks on your advert:

    • Your competitors
      • Competitors will always click on adverts which are in competition with them. 
        If we say 4 competitors click on your advert PER DAY, you would have spent £60 – with nothing coming back.
    • People who mistake your advert for something else
      • If your keyphrase was “Dog Products”, people may click out of curiosity.
        And although someone may be interested, chances are they just wanted to take a look!
        So if 5 people click on your advert PER DAY, you would have spent £75.

Your budget left is now just £15!

Although you may not think this happens, is it really worth the risk?!

Yet if you invest in your SEO, eventually you will rank organically for the keyphrase “Dog Products” for a one-off fee!

Reason 4: You Can Add New Content To Pick Up New Keywords

If you monitor your SEO results, you will eventually see when your website is found for different keywords.

By investing in an SEO company who does this for you, they will be able to inform you of new content to help grow your business further.

Say you have targeted the keyphrase “Vacuum Cleaner” on a Blog Post, and have SEO’d your page based on this.

If you monitor this particular page, you may find that people are typing in “How To Clean My Vacuum Cleaner”, and your page is showing in the results.

People are not clicking on your link however, as it is not relevant to them.

By taking this exact keyphrase and creating content based around it, you will find that audience will now start clicking.

Investing in SEO really does start to open new content ideas for your small business!

Why You Should Invest In SEO : Conclusion

By investing in SEO from the start, you will find that it is the best thing you can do.

Organically grow your business online, and help find your customers.

SEO is a constant: You always need to keep up to date, so an investment in the right company will help keep your website noticed.

Don’t rely on Google Ads, as you will end up spending more money than you make.

Go down the right road, and SEO your website the right way.

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