Website Designers For Small Business

Website Designers For Small Business

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So you are looking for website designers for your Small Business. You search Google, and go for the first on the list.
They are a big name, first on Google, and so design the best websites right?
Wrong. This is not always the case.
Below is a step by step guide on how you SHOULD go about choosing your website designer…

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Website Designers for Small Business

So you run a small business, and are in need of a website.

You could have gone for a “create your own website for free” package, but have gone for the sensible option.

You want a website designer to take care of it for you.

Of course you do! Time is money, and you want to spend your time working on your business – not designing a website!

So you have searched for a website designer to do the work for you.

And low and behold, you have a list of some big names on the front page of Google.


They appear on the first page, so they are the best.


You click on the first link, are taken to a website designer, and you request a quote.

Perhaps you may compare the top 3 website designers for small business and get 3 quotes.

This is when you choose who has the best quotation.

But this is where many people go wrong.

Yes, price is important when you are a small business.

And yes, you want to go for those website designers who show up on the first page.

But this shouldn’t be what you base who you choose on.

Below is a step by step guide on how to choose a Website Designer for your Small Business.

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Stage 1: Recommendations on a Website Designer for Small Business

Before you run a search for website designers for small business, you should always ask for recommendations.

  1. Go on to Facebook and use their nifty little “looking for recommendation” tool. Someone will always be willing to send you links to Facebook Pages of designers.
  2. Go on to Twitter and Tweet the message “can anyone recommend a website designer”.
    You will always get replies from companies who can help you out.
  3. Ask friends or family.
    Word of mouth is powerful in business, and even if they havn’t used a website designer before, they may well know someone who has.

Now you have a list of potential companies to choose from.

Stage 2: Look at their Social Media Accounts

The next stage is to check out their Social Media activity.

By doing this, you will see who is more pro-active in Social Media, and if they have any special offers etc.

It will help you see how they interact with their customers, and also show their reviews.

Social Media is huge these days, and people always seem to be honest when it comes to their online reviews.

But don’t be put off if their following is not large, or they have no reviews.

Website designers like myself tend to be independents.

We are small fish, fighting against the larger companies.

But it doesn’t mean we are not as good – if not better – than them.

Stage 3: Gather their Portfolio

Some of the website designers for small business will have their Portfolios on their websites.

Some may be on request only.

But out of the list of potential website designers you have, any who will not be willing to let you see some examples should be taken off of your list.

Once you have gathered their Portfolios, try and find one website they have designed which is similar to the one you wish to have.

The idea of this, is so you can see a rough “like for like” comparison.

If they have already built a website like the one you want, then you know they can build it!

But don’t worry if they havn’t.

Just choose a website you like the look of instead.

You will need it for the next stage.

Stage 4: Page Insights from Google

This is what will help you see who is good at what they do, and who is not.

These are the best tool which I always use for every website I design.

Google is the main Search Engine – so lets make sure we do what pleases them!

So, there are 2 main things you should look for which to me are the 2 most important aspects of choosing a website designer.

  1. How does the website look and function on Desktop and Mobile?
  2. How does the website look to Google?

Google Page Insights helps you see how fast a website is.

All you need to do, is take the URLs of your selection of websites, and run them through these checks.

If they show Green on Desktop and Average on mobile, then put them to one side.

If they don’t show those colours – bin them!

Now look who designed those websites, and that is the list of website designers for small business you are going to work with.

Stage 5: Request A Quotation

Using the list of website designers for small business you have, it is now that you require a Quotation.

Make sure you know what they are offering for the money, and what you may have to purchase separately.

For example:

  • One may offer Hosting and a Free Domain Name
  • One may offer Hosting but no Domain Name
  • One may offer neither

Stage 6: Review your Quotations

Now you have your Quotations, delve in to what you are NOT receiving from them, and work out the costing.

So say you need to purchase Hosting – then find out how much that will cost.

Say you need to purchase your Domain Name – get the price.

Now add everything together, and you have the TOTAL cost of what using that website designer for your small business will cost you.

Then you need to break it down in to Monthly and Yearly costs.


Because for 1 designer, you may need to pay £800 to get your website, but then it will only cost you £50 per year after that.

Yet another designer may cost just £100, but your Monthly cost thereafter will be £60!

Just because it may be cheap to start with, doesn’t mean it will stay that way!

Always break the costs down.

Stage 7: Choose your Website Designer

You now should have a list of website designers for small business who create well built websites, and have a yearly costing for each.

All that is let to do now, is to pick which one is the cheapest each year!

Why the cheapest?

Because you know that everyone you got a quotation from, is just as good as each other!

They may not be the biggest name, but that doesn’t matter!

You know they will be able to do what you want, at the best price, with the best results.


Website Designers for Small Business

Never go for the biggest name.
Never go for the cheapest until you work out a yearly cost.
And ALWAYS study the results from Google!
Oh – and don’t forget Quillations for your quotation.

So Contact Quillations Now, And See What We Can Do For You

Why pay a fortune before you have made one?


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