Website Design Process

Website Design Process

From Quillations

Find out the website design process involved in getting your website built.
See our estimated time-scale and payment processes, and what we require from you in order to start building.

Quillations Website Design Process

It is all well and good purchasing a website from a company, but do you know the website design process involved?

How long will it take?

What happens if I don’t like my site?

Do I need to do anything?

All of these questions are what I have been asked before.

So here is the completed website design process for Quillations Affordable Website Designs.

Our Design Process

Step 1: Consultation

Quillations will ask as many questions to our clients about their business before we start planning.

This way we can find out all about how your business works, what you want to achieve, and what it is you actually do!

Our understanding of your business helps us build a picture of what will work well for you.

After all, it is your business which a website showcases!

If we know nothing about what it is you actually do, then how would we know what your website should do!

Once we have this, we will send you your Deposit Invoice.


Step 2: Keyword Research

Once we have an understanding of your business, and the Deposit Invoice has been settled, we use this information to find the best keyword(s) for your website.

We search your closet competitors, see what they are using, and work from this.

We can never guarantee Page 1 on Google, and hate any company that says they can.

What Quillations tries to achieve for you, is the best, low competition, average searches per Month type of Keyword.

This way, it will help you get your website up and running with a keyword we know people search for, but not many use for their own SEO.

Keyword Research

Step 3: Website Building

Once we have the relevant information and Keyword(s) we will be using, Quillations next website design process is actually designing your website!

We start by producing a basic layout to see where everything fits.

It is then that we check your layout on Mobile and Tablet.

It is highly important that everything works well on these devices, as this is what the majority of your customers will use to find you.

After this, we add the relevant text followed by the relevant images.

Website Building

Step 4: Viewing

As soon as we have your website built, the next step of our website design process is to show you!

Once the Second Invoice has been settled, we will be able to send you a Live Link to your website.

We ask you to check every detail of your website over.

From the wording to the images, and the functionality of it all.

It is important that you check every detail, as this is when you can ask us to change things.

Website Viewing

Step 5: Editing / Making Your Website Live

Should you have anything which requires editing, then we will complete this for you.

Once everything has been changed to your satisfaction*, then Quillations will send you your Final Invoice.

As soon as this has been settled, your website will be made Live on the Internet.

*Quillations allows as many changes as you need, to make sure the website is right for you and your business.

Website Editing

Step 6: Monitoring

Once your website is live, our website design process does not stop!

Quillations will constantly monitor your website, to ensure Speed, Software, and Analytics are all monitored.

We email you periodically to give you this information, and make any suggestions to how to improve things for the future.

Pestering our customers is something we will never do. You will only hear from us if you need to.

We are always here however. So if our customers ever need advice, then we are only an email away!

Website Monitoring

Payment Process

Deposit Invoice

Our Deposit Invoice is required to be settled before we can start researching your competitors to find your Keywords.

50% of your Total Invoice which will be shown on your Quotation will be required for us to start work.

Invoice 1 - Deposit

Completed Design Invoice

The Completed Design Invoice will allow us to send you a Live Link to view your website.

This cost will be 30% of your Total Invoice.

Invoice 2 - Completion Invoice

Final Invoice

Once everything has been signed off, the we send you the Final Invoice.

This works out at 20% of your Total Invoice.

As soon as this has been settled, we send you all the login details to access your website.

This is where you can make changes yourself, add photos, or alter text.

Quillations still has access to the backend of your website, should you require our services again in the future.

Invoice 3 - Final Payment

How Long Does The Website Design Process Take?

For a single page website, we tend to take 7 working days from Deposit Invoice to making your website live.

This is obviously dependant on edits and Invoice payments though!

We keep you updated every stage of the way, and send you a basic schedule of what we will be doing each day.

Using this, you will be able to gauge what stage of your website design process we are at.

We find that knowing this, gives our customers that peace of mind.

There is nothing worse than paying a deposit, and wondering when you will be able to see your website!

If you need any further information on our design process, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be glad to answer any questions you have.

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