Thor’s Paws Website Design

Thor's Paws Website Design by Quillations

A Re-design of an Existing Website

Thor’s Paws website had already been created, and selling products online.

However the results were not that great.

The original design was not very mobile friendly, and the “above the fold” view was non-existent!

The SEO was not targeting the correct audience required, and customers were few and far between.

This is where Quillations Affordable Website Design came on board!

We took the main content of the site, and re-designed around the brand.

The new website now looks and functions perfectly on all devices – a huge plus for an E-Commerce website!

Thor's Paws New Website In Video

Take a quick look at the new website design for Thor’s Paws.

You will see that we have carried the colour scheme throughout the website, whilst keeping crisp white spaces.

This is vital for a visually appealing website design.

With too many colours and not enough white space, the design will become less user friendly.

This video has been slowed down to show you the design features and layout of the new site.

Video Length: 1 min & 16 sec

The Final Word

Don’t sit back and let your website fall behind the times.

With Thor’s Paws old website, the design was OK for desktop, but failed to stay on top of the Mobile trends.

With more and more people shopping online than visiting the high street, a Mobile Responsive website is VITAL.

If you think your website may need a refresh, then please use our FREE Health Check Service today.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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