Website Maintenance Packages

Ensure your website is functioning as it should

Have you had a website built but have not got around to any maintenance?

Are you finding your site isn’t functioning as well as you thought?

Many people I speak to have just that problem!

But by choosing a Quillations Website Maintenance Package, we can help you get the most out of your website.

By handing over the daily running of your website to us, we can help grow your website.

But what are the benefits of website maintenance? 

Website Maintenance Packages


Security is one of the most important things for any website.
People will always find a way to hack websites.
By ensuring your website is maintained correctly, you will help keep it safe.


Google sees the speed of your website as one of its' key features.
By having a fast and efficient website, you will rank higher in the search results.
Quillations can help maintain the best results for you, to keep your website performance up to scratch.


By monitoring how people are finding your website on search engines, will help find new keywords to use.
By adding these keywords to your website, not only are you keeping it fresh, but you help climb the search rankings.

Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

Is it really required?

Websites are an essential part of any business, but is only beneficial if they can be found!

Search engines like Google, will always rank fresh, fast, and reliable websites highly.

Just like your car, a website needs regular maintenance to help it run smoothly.

By maintaining your site correctly, it will help with:

  • Site Security
  • An Increase In Visitors
  • Higher Ranking In Search Engines


Without any maintenance to your website, you could quickly be out-ranked by your competitors.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

Our website maintenance packages

Maintenance Package #1

Starter Package

£ 26.25 Month
  • Weekly Backups
  • Weekly Plugin Updates

Maintenance Package #2

Essential Package

£ 38.99 Month
  • Weekly Backups
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Keyword Analysis Report
  • Monthly Website Audit Report

Maintenance Package #3

Full Package

£ 86.66 Month
  • Weekly Backups
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Keyword Analysis Report
  • Monthly Website Audit Report
  • Unlimited Changes To Your Website

More Details About Our Services

Find out what each feature means

Our packages come with different features which you may not understand.

The following gives you a detailed look at what to expect from each of our maintenance packages.

However, if you wish to discuss what each feature is, then call us on 07305 794 634 or email us today

By making a copy of your website each week (backing up), you protect your website.

Should anything fail on the site through human or technical error, you have an exact replica ready to upload!

Without backing up your website, you could be facing large costs to get things back to as they were.

A plugin is what helps your WordPress website to function.

Plugins require regular updating to keep your site functioning as it should.

Without updating them, you run the risk of certain things failing on your website.

It is also important for security on your website to update all of your plugins regularly.

Read: what is a WordPress Plugin

By understanding how people are finding your website, you can help grow online.

By allowing Quillations to monitor your keywords, we can send you a Monthly Update on what you are appearing for in searches.

This report also tells you if people are clicking on your website from this search.

For example:

You may have 1000 views on a keyword phrase, but are ranked #57 in search results as your website is not set up for this.

By sending you a Monthly report, we can pick up on this, and advise where we can utilise the information.

This will then give you more chance of ranking higher for this keyword phrase, and climb above your competition.

This report monitors the speed of your website, the security, and the freshness.

By making sure your site performs as it should each Month, will enable you to stay on the right side of the search engines!

If you take out Quillations Full Maintenance Package, you can have unlimited changes to your website.

There will be no charge for anything you ask us to do!

This could save you an average of £500 per Year!*

*Based on the average costs of changes requested by previous customers

Order Or Find Out More

Get our advice on the best website maintenance package for you

There should be a package which suits everyone on here!

But if you are still unsure if this is right for you, or don’t know which package to purchase, then all you need to do is ask!

At Quillations, we will advise what we believe is correct for you and the size of your site.

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