Website Maintenance Packages

Ensure your website is functioning as it should

Have you had a website built but have not got around to any maintenance?

Are you finding your site isn’t functioning as well as you thought?

Many people I speak to have just that problem!

But with Quillations Website Maintenance Packages, you can put your mind at ease.

We can take care of the maintenance of your site, with our 3 affordable packages.

And with every package, you will receive a Monthly email which details what we have done, and any further advice.

Website Maintenance Packages
Website Maintenance Package #1

Maintenance Package #1

Making sure your website doesn't break

There is nothing worse than having a website which you have paid money for, that then doesn’t work.

This is where our Maintenance Package #1 comes in!

We check and update your plugins on a weekly basis, as well as back up your site every Month.

This will ensure your site is up to date, and allows us to restore it if anything major goes wrong.

Package Cost : £240.00 Per Year

Maintenance Package #2

Analysing the potential of you website

This is our most sort-after package.

Not only do you get your plugins updated and site backed up, you also receive Analytics.

We will monitor your website each Month, and feed back to you where improvements can be made.

This package will ensure that not only is your website working, but it also allows us to see how to move it up the rankings.

Package Cost : £360.00 Per Year

Maintenance Package #3

The ultimate package for your website

With our Maintenance Package #3, you get everything!

We will perform your updates, Analytics etc, but we go that bit further!

Every Month, we will take action with our findings on how to improve your website.

Unlike our 2nd Package, we won’t tell you how to improve your site – we do it for you!

We check your competitors sites to see how they rank each Month, and make sure we try and “out-do” them every time.

Package Cost : £800.00

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Get our advice on the best package for you

There should be a package which suits everyone on here, from the “DIY” designers, to the “Technophobes”.

But if you are still unsure if this is right for you, or don’t know which package to purchase, then all you need to do is ask!

At Quillations, we will advise what we believe is correct for you.

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