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Sash Renovate Website Design by Quillations

sash renovate website design
Sash Renovate

A Little About The Sash Renovate Website Design

Sash Renovates’ website design was one of the first projects Quillations undertook.

The client wished to have a Gold colour scheme, which was used sparingly to highlight important aspects of the website.

The company had 7 different services which they offer to their customers.

We created a Services Page, and sectioned each of these services.

They are all linked to via the top menu, to allow their customers to find what they require quickly.

Our client also wanted us to add a Blog Page to the website, in order to allow them to post as and when they wish.

Quillations created the first post for them as part of our service.

The client had a vast amount of images they required on the website.

Quillations took the idea of creating a photo gallery for them.

This meant that photos can be added as and when, and integrate seamlessly into the design.

The Scores For Sash Renovate

Running the website through the Google PageSpeed Desktop and Mobile Speed websites, the results Quillations managed to achieve are as follows:

sash renovate website design Desktop Score
sash renovate website design Mobile Score

The Comparison

So the website we created for Sash Renovate received an Average Score from Quillations – but we are continuing to work on this for our client.

However, the proof of how good our build is comes from a comparison to another website designer.

Sash Renovate’s website design was compared to a local website company called Moodey It.

I clicked on the first Brochure Website on their page called Barefoot Associates.

I ran their website through the same Page Speed Sites Quillations use, and the results are as follows:

comparison Desktop Score
comparison Mobile Score

As you can see, both their Desktop and Mobile speeds are pretty poor.

The website company was found with the Keyword “Website Designers”.

I clicked on the first name from the Google Maps listings.

We ran the website designers actual website through the software, and found that their own website was not much better.

The Conclusion

Just because a company appears first on a Google Maps listing, should not mean the should be your first choice.

Check out our blog post on “Website Designers for Small Business” today, and see how best to find your ideal website designer.

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