Quillations Showcase: Complex Design and Build

Build Date: 2020
Domain Name: complexdesignandbuild.com.co.uk
Brief: To redesign an existing website, to improve usability and overall look.
Number of Pages: x6 pages

Gary Evans | Quillations Affordable Website Design
Email | [email protected]

Quillations Main Objectives

Complex Design and Build Portfolio Showcase

Design and Create New Website

1) Use companies existing colours
2) Design based on clients ideas
3) Include more bullet points than text

Provide Website Maintenance

1) Ensure plugins are updated
2) Backup website weekly

Who are Complex Design and Build?

Complex Design and Build are contractors who are based in Caddington, Bedfordshire.

They provide building work for both domestic and commercial clients.

The company cover both London and the South East of England

What Did We Do?

Complex Design and Build has a very specific design in mind when they approached Quillations.

They provided us with websites they would like to based theirs on, with their company colours to be used throughout.

We took a mixture of designs from theses websites, and created their multi-page site.

The main focus was to have more bullet point lists within their text.

This helped with the flow and usability of the site.

Quillations were also asked to add a Blog Post feature, to allow Complex Design to add their own latest news.

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