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NW Window Repairs
NW Window Repairs

A Little About NW Window Repairs Website Design

NW Window Repairs Website was the first WordPress site is re-designed.

The business already had a website, but the design was not up to scratch.

It looked a little dated, and was getting a high Bounce Rate from its’ visitors.

The problem with this re-design, is that neither myself or the client had access to ANY of the backend files.

This means that I cannot improve any speed scores etc.

Although this can be corrected through the client, at the time of the re-design it was not possible.

Anyway, the design I went for was for to help get the client more commercial clients.

The original website was more aimed at the domestic clientele, but Quillations design isn’t.

The shades of blue and grey help make this website more appealing to the commercial clients, and over time has proven successful.

The number of commercial visitors to NW Window Repairs website has gone up steadily, and continues to rise each month.

The Scores For NW Window Repairs website

Running the website through the Google PageSpeed Insights, the results Quillations managed to achieve are as follows:

Desktop Score

NW Window Repairs Desktop Score

Mobile Score

NW Window Repairs Mobile Score

The Comparison

As you can see – the results are not that great.

But these are NOT Quillations results!

As we have not had access to ANY of the backend website codes, Quillations cannot speed up this website.

Believe me, we have tried everything to get access, but all we can do is re-design the website.

These scores are what the original company achieved:

Silver Toad

Don’t believe me?

Let’s have a look at their OWN website:

Desktop Score

Website Infinity Mobile Score

Mobile Score

Silver Toad Mobile Score

As you can probably tell, their own results are not that great!

The one thing Quillations managed to do, is lighten up the design by adding different plugins.

These helped reduce the unnecessary load times which made NW Window Repairs run slower.

The good thing is, that although Google look at speed for indexing purposes, NW Window Repairs has a good client base.

This helps their organic reach – despite the poor speed created by their original website designer.

The Conclusion

If you have an established website already, then speed may not be a major factor.

Well, that is not actually true – but luckily it hasn’t hindered this website.

It is VERY important to get a fast website built in order to give your website a good start.

It is also important to have FULL ACCESS to your own website – and Domain Name.

So remember to check out the Page Speed of each website designer you find.

And ALWAYS compare website designers – including us!

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