Lawrence Martin Groundworks Website Design

Lawrence Martin Groundworks Website Design by Quillations

Lawrence Martin Groundworks Website Design by Quillations
Lawrence Martin Groundworks

A Little About Lawrence Martin Groundworks Website Design

Lawrence approached Quillations, as he didn’t have a website.

He was relying on social media to help grow his business, which is never recommended.

It came to the stage where he needed a website to help grow Lawrence Martin Groundworks as a business.

Quillations also designed a logo for the company, comprising of colours which represented the company well.

It was a simple, clean designed logo, which works well as a Favicon as well.

The website itself is an effective 1 page site, which flows well to the customers requirements.

The links on the menu bar all point to sections on the page, allowing for ease of use.

A gallery page was also added to this 1 page package, in order for Lawrence to add photos as and when required.

We helped set up the Hosting for this website, guiding Lawrence to the best deal.

We also added a https, to help make the website secure.

The Scores For Lawrence Martin Groundworks website

Running the website through the Google PageSpeed Insights, the results Quillations managed to achieve are as follows:

Desktop Score

Lawrence Martin Groundworks Desktop Score

Mobile Score

Lawrence Martin Groundworks Mobile Score

The Comparison

So the results speak for themselves really!

1 point away from a perfect score on the desktop, and a very high average for mobile speeds.

So lets take a look at a competitor.

For this comparison, I searched using the keywords “website design for small business”.

I found a website who has paid to be at the top.

Their designs start from £199, and they claim to be ranked the “Number 1 Web Design Company”.

The company is Website Infinity

Lets see….

So the first thing I found, is that the Portfolio consists of just pictures.

I opened one, scrolled down to find the website url, and typed it in.

No website.

So I chose another random picture, and done the same.

Still nothing!

It turns out, that all the pictures are not live websites! (A little misleading in my opinion).

So I decided to compare the actual website design site!

And the results are shocking – especially for someone who claims to be “Number 1”!

Desktop Score

Website Infinity Desktop Score

Mobile Score

Website Infinity Mobile Score

How many people actually click on the top advert on Google, as they believe to be going with the best?

Especially one who SAYS they are!

So before you go with the website designer who tells you they are the best, find out how to choose a website designer for your small business.

You will regret it if you don’t!

The Conclusion

Don’t be fooled by talk.

Don’t be fooled by pictures on a website.

Make sure a company actually SHOWS you the websites they have designed which are actually ON the internet!

And make sure you ALWAYS run a comparison.

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