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Harpenden Auto Services - Latest Website Design

Our latest website design was built for Harpenden Auto Services, a car servicing business specialising in Mercedes, Audis and BMWs.

Take a look at their redesigned website, then see how Quillations can help improve your own.

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The Brief

Harpenden Auto Services came to us through a recommendation.

We always love it when our current clients spread the word about how good we are!

It turned out, that their current website was poorly maintained by the previous website designer.

Plugins had not been updated, and scripts to operate different functions were not working.

It was slow and sluggish when loading, and a lot of the information was not being displayed.

Quillations was asked to re-design their website, giving it a modern look.

The main aim of the brief, was to improve the SEO (which was non-existent), and to make everything work correctly!

The Design

We took the original design of Harpenden Auto Services, and altered it slightly to make it more modern.

Quillations found that every page was slightly different, and did not contain enough content.

By merging pages together, and giving a uniform look throughout the website, we achieved a better feel to the site.

After altering several Plugins, and getting functions to work, we decided to get rid of the Google Maps which was showing.

This was taking up too much load time, and better suited a photo of the map with a clickable link.

Colours were also altered slightly from the previous design, so that they matched the companies logo.

The Results

Harpenden Auto Services ended up with a modern looking, and reliable website design.

All functions work correctly, and usability has been improved.

The website now flows effortlessly, and each page fits in with the site as a whole.

Their website also showed some positive feedback from their own customers, which gives Quillations pride in what we have acheived.

Do You Require A Website Like Harpenden Auto Services?

If you like the look, feel and functionality of Complex Design and Builds’ new website and require one of your own, then please get in touch.

We can build a website to a higher standard than most, and our results show this.

All you need to do is ask us for a quotation, or choose one of our website packages.

Quillations will always give you the best website for your business.



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