Who Was Junko Tabei?

Who was Junko Tabei, and How Can She Help With Your Website?

Junko Tabei
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Junko Tabei - The History

Born on this day in 1939, Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1975.

She defied Japanese society norms when she left her young daughter with her husband to travel to Nepal.

In 2012, Tabei told the Japan Times that “Back in 1970s Japan, it was still widely considered that men were the ones to work outside and women would stay at home.

We were told we should be raising children instead,” she explained.

Junko Tabei however, did not like being classed as the First Woman to climb Everest.

Back in 1996, she told Sports Illustrated the she was the “36th person to climb Everest

When Did Junko Tabei Start Climbing?

Tabei started climbing when she was 10 years old, back in 1949.

In total, Junko Tabei climbed 69 major mountains in more than 60 countries.

She even continued to climb after she had been diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

Unfortunately her battle ended on October 20th, 2016 at the age of 77.


Disaster Struck On The Climb

When Tabei was around 20,000 feet up Mount Everest, she was pinned under 4 companions by an avalanche at their camp.

She became unconscious for about 6 minutes before she was dragged out of the snow by her Sherpa.

Despite being unable to stand for 2 days after the disaster, Tabei managed to achieve her ambition by reaching the summit 12 days later.

So How Can Junko Tabei Help Me With My Website?

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