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Charisma Caddington

A Little About Charisma Caddington Website Design

Charisma Caddingtons’ original website was a little bit – how shall we say – basic.

Although it loaded well, this was due to the lack of content showing on the front page.

I approached the owner of the business – which is a hair and beauty salon – and showed her what I can design for her.

I kept this website clean and modern, using the colours of the business throughout.

Incorporating a few pages together, allowed Google to make more sense of what the website shows.

This in turn, also added to the word count on the landing page – which helps Google rankings.

The Scores for the Charima Caddington website

Running the website through the Google PageSpeed Insights, the results Quillations managed to achieve are as follows:


Desktop Score

Charisma Caddington Desktop Score

Mobile Score

Charisma Caddington Mobile Score

The Comparison

So I decided that I would run a Google Search for “cheap website design for small business”, and found a website called “Logicsofts“.

They offer website design at just £149!

Great! That’s cheaper than I can offer!

So panicking a little bit – I decided to see if their websites are on par with my own.

So I visited their portfolio, and found a nice little website called “Taxi Quoter“.

Here is the comparison:

Desktop Score

Taxi Quoter Desktop Score

Mobile Score

Taxi Quoter Mobile Score

Damn it….

Scores are more or less the same!

So now I am thinking that a company who can create websites as good as mine, and who under-cut me, will take all my business.

So I delved further…

And what I found is that the price of £149 DOES NOT INCLUDE VAT.

It also doesn’t give you everything you need for a website.

The next package they offer is £349 +VAT!

And even THAT won’t get you everything you need!


The Conclusion

Always look in to a company before you decide to use them.

Prices which are shown on search engines are there to draw you in.

At Quillations, our prices start from £280 – and that is what you will pay for a 1 page website!

So once you have found other companies, checked out their portfolio, and had a look at what you get for your money – head on over to us.

You won’t get a better personalised service than you do with Quillations.

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