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Coming Soon - My Q Pages

At Quillations, we are always looking for a fast and effective way of giving our customers what they require.

By creating a new client area, our customers will be able to log in to their own pages, and find everything about their site.

Read on, and find out more about our latest page: My Q.

Gary Evans | Quillations Affordable Website Design
Email | [email protected]

What Is My Q?

My Q, or “My Quillations” will be a new page on our website.

Currently under construction, My Q will be a place where our clients will be able to log in to their own pages.

Each individual page will contain everything the customer will need to know.

We are hoping that by having everything in one place, it will be easier for our customers to find useful information.

This information will be customised for each of our clients, and will be specific to their own website.

What Information Will The Client Page Include?

There will be many things which the clients’ page will include.

Some will be standard for all, and some customised for individuals.

Standard Information

  1. Invoices
  2. Payments made
  3. Payments due
  4. Original Health Check of website
  5. Contact Form 

Customised Information

  1. Monthly Analytics *
  2. Recommendations on new pages / improvements
  3. Backup file of website per Month *
  4. Information on plugin and speed updates *


* If purchased

How Will This Help?

By having all of this information in one space, you will be able to find your Invoices, Analytic Information, any recommendations which Quillations think may help you, and much more.

It will help improve the information we can provide you, and allow for better communication.

If you are struggling to update your site, we can add a “How To” video specific for your website.

As each site we build is bespoke, it is difficult to have a standard guide.

By using your own individual site on a video, it will give you your own bespoke video guide – all in the one place!

Will Everything Be Available At Once?

Due to the time it will take to add bespoke features, only the basics will be added to your client page to start with.

Over the next few weeks (starting Monday 19th October 2020), we will slowly add your bespoke information.

For those who haven’t signed up to our Maintenance Packages, we will also add some simple “How To” guides to help you.


We hope that our new “My Q” will help you.

Should you have any thoughts on what you would like to be included, please let us know.

We will update all of our clients once My Q is up and running.

We will also send you your new Login and Password to allow you to view your page.


Are you in need of a Website Designer?

Hi, my name is Gary Evans and I love nothing more than making websites look and function as they should.

Will you be my next client?

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About Gary Evans

Coming from a customer service background, and managing a large magazine account in London, Gary knows how to treat customers right.

Designing website is a huge passion for Gary, and he is always checking his customers websites to ensure they are all working correctly.

Gary always goes out of his way to help his customers, and always goes above and beyond.