About Our Work

Enjoyment and passion shows through our sites

Our work is our passion.

Each website we build, is designed to flow easily and bring customers on the correct journey.

Our work is based on client input, but using our own knowledge of what works.

All of our work is built to be clean and crisp, fast and effective.

We do not add any unnecessary Javascript to our websites, unless asked.

Quillations always compares our work with our competitors, to make sure we are producing better websites each and every time. 

And the best thing about our work, is that each site we build is unique.

About Our Work
Gary Evans

About Gary Evans

The face behind our work

Gary Evans is a family man with a commitment to hard work and customer service.

He comes from an Account Management and Customer Services background, and uses these skills to help organise work flow.

Being self employed, Gary understands how tight money can be.

This is why he always goes above and beyond for each and every customer.

A huge Newcastle United fan, Gary can be found on the sofa cheering on the Toon when he isn’t working!

And just to be clear: Gary is the “we” in Quillations!

About Quillations

A company which prides itself on customer satisfaction

Quillations started off by building websites on Blogger.

Stripping back the original coding and re-writing the whole thing took time however, and was not a quick job.

Our original and first website can be found here

Although the websites were functional, there was a limitation as to what to really be achieved.

This is when Quillations moved into WordPress, and have never looked back!

Quillations will go out of our way for all of our customers, and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

We learn every day, trying to keep up with the latest website trends and techniques.

Customer Satisfaction

What Makes Us Stand Out

Quillations Unique Selling Point

Everyone thinks they are the best, and we are no exception!

Quillations stands out from the crowd by being honest and upfront with all our customers.

If we are unsure how to implement something, we will let you know – and go and learn it quickly!

Our work doesn’t finish once the final payment has been made either.

We constantly monitor your website, to ensure our work is up to scratch.

If we find an issue, we will let you know!